Meet the finalists in the spring round of Innovationskraft South and West 2022.

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Adsorbi's bio-based tiles save art

Adsorbi produces and sells bio-based pads to museums and archives to help them preserve works of art. The Adsorbi pads capture harmful air pollutants and can be easily stored with works of art. They are designed with museum’s lack of time and resources in mind and have a lifetime of several years.

The sensor that eliminates the danger of bacteria in drinking water

Waiting times exposing society to risks when we consume something as critical as drinking water should not be a reality in 2022. Our sensor detects bacterial contamination in real-time, saving lives and societal resources, while enabling a new generation of smart water usage.

Norgald provides decision-makers with tools for securing critical infrastructure against cyber attacks

A cyber attack on the power grid can cause disruptions of power, sensitive data breaches and destruction of important components. Elvira is a tool to work strategically to understand how components can be exploited in an attack, which components are critical, identify vulnerabilities and how these can be fixed to avoid an attack.

Parametric Solutions - AI-generated architecture for better decisions in early stages

Parametric Solutions provide a platform for property developers and architects. With advanced algorithms we quickly produce a variety of building proposals in the cloud. Hundreds of building options are generated for a given site and the tool is used to investigate a large design scope in a short amount of time.

Water-less concentrates to ditch single-use packaging

Superkons provide water-less powder concentrates for all your home & body essentials to eliminate single-use plastics for consumers. It’s the first company to launch a complete range of products with probiotics and upcycled fragrances. When one’s empty, simply refill it in our long-lasting reusable aluminum or glass bottles .Our ”powder to liquid” formula is ready to make your cleaning less wasteful, more sustainable, and more convenient.


A screening tool for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease; paving the way for future diagnostics

ADix had developed a novel screening tool for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. Our cost-efficient method uses machine learning-based analyses to detect digital biomarkers and gives result in 5 minutes, using your own smartphone. ADix is non-invasive, scalable and will reduce the costly and time-consuming diagnostic procedures.

Angry Camel is pioneering the protein shift offering the first organic and sustainable chickpea protein isolate with unique properties to revolutionize the plant-based innovation in from egg replacement to dairy/meat alternative and beyond

Angry Camel develops an innovative technical process to extract high purity and high functional organic protein from European chickpea by-products. The resulted product would have a variety of applications range from protein enhance food, dairy and cheese alternative, and egg replacement. Thanks to the chickpea protein unique properties.

We are building the future of clinical trial recruitment

Eirly helps clinical researchers find qualified and motivated participants and keep them engaged throughout their studies so that no-life saving medicine is delayed.

Bringing an innovative blood glucose monitoring method to people all over the world

Improving the lives of hundreds of millions of diabetics by giving them a quick, accurate, pain-free, convenient way to test their blood glucose levels wherever they are, without putting billions of one time use items in the trash every day.

 Pharmista develops a reusable pregnancy test that meets both the customer's and the environment's needs in a better way than today's tests

Pharmista Technologies are on a mission to revolutionize the pregnancy testing market by developing a reusable pregnancy test. This will contribute to reducing women's expenses on their reproductive health, increase convenience-levels and reduce the usage of disposable plastic products.

SpeakSum – better meetings for all. #SpeakSumMore

SpeakSum is a web app that measures spoken time of meeting participants and gives a graphical visualization of a meeting. This provides unique insights such as activity over time, giving objective data to analyze and improve meeting quality and ultimately support inclusion and equal representation.

The idea that allows immunotherapy effectively treat brain tumor in the central nervous system

A product that locally modifies the brain protumor environment to be favorable for responding to immunotherapy, this allowing brain cancer cells detection and drastically reducing side effects. Our product would be sold to companies developing immunotherapies.