Venture Cup

Sweden’s largest competition for business ideas and startups

Open competitions

The competition for those who have an idea for managing water resources and sustainable water supply.

By participating in the competition, startups and entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to gain exposure, feedback, inspiration, access to our professional network and a chance to win money.

Deadline February 14th!

The competition for early startups with verified and scalable business ideas with growth potential.

Except useful feedback, impressive networking opportunities and possibility of exposure you have the chance of win money and become Venture Cup's next Startup of the Year.

Deadline March 27th!

Upcoming competitions

The competition opens April 24th

Do you want to develop or change your business? Or do you want to realize a new business idea?

INNOVATIONSKRAFT is a joint initiative of Venture Cup and partners and provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to receive feedback, help to develop and turn their idea into reality.