Do you accept the challenge?

STARTUP 2024 är nu stängd!

STARTUP - Sweden's largest national competition is the competition for early startups with verified and scalable business ideas with growth potential. Except useful feedback, impressive network opportunities and opportunities of exposure, you have the chans of winning money that can help your startup forward. A win in STARTUP is a strong quality stamp that has shown to attract investors as well as attention from media.

This is how STARTUP works

How do you win?

After completed competition round, the submitted entries will be read and assessed by our screening jury. The 10 strongest business ideas in each region will get the chance to present in front of their regional jury group.

Out of the 10 nominated, the regional jury group will chose which idea that wins which prize in the categories Impact Maker, Game Changer, Beyond Academic and Best Traction. The winners will be revealed during the Regional Finals event.

In October all the regional winner will compete in the National Finals, where one team can take home the titel - Startup of the Year!

What do you need to compete?

To be able to participate in the competition you have to submit your business idea on our competition platform. 

Describe your idea with the help of a pitch deck with the maximum of 20 slides (obligatory to progress in the competition process). 

You can also complement your application with a maximum of 1000 words and/or an 8 minute video pitch. That is the total that the jury will judge.


How to submit your idea?

To be able to submit you pitch deck you have to register as a user on our competition platform. This is easy and fast done with your email or through your Facebook.

How is confidentiality handled?

We have helped entrepreneurs in over two decades and know that a lot of business ideas have confidential information. You have the option of keeping the information hidden from the public when uploading your idea on the competition platform. Make sure that what you want to hide is limited to the field ’’hidden information’’.

This information can only be seen by the jury, network and Venture Cup employees, which all have signed a confidentiality agreement.