Do you accept the challenge?

INNOVATIONSKRAFT 2023 är nu stängd!

Time to lift West and South Sweden!

INNOVATIONSKRAFT is a joint initiative and provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to receive feedback, help to develop and turn their business idea into reality. Innovation power is a venture where Venture Cup, together with partners, looks for INNOVATION POWER in its proper sense.

Do you want to develop or redirect your business? Or do you want to realize a new business idea? We are now launching a joint initiative and giving entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs the opportunity to receive feedback, help to develop and turn their idea into reality. Innovationskraft is a new venture where Venture Cup together with cooperation partners are currently looking for INNOVATIONSKRAFT in the right sense.

Tävlingen kommer att pågå i både region Väst och Syd. I Väst tillsammans med Företagarna, Almi Företagspartner, Business Region Göteborg och EKN, och i Syd tillsammans med Företagarna, Almi Företagspartner och EKN.

How does the process work?
The INNOVATIONSKRAFT process is for you who have an organization number and want to test your business idea and get advice and feedback on how to move forward so that your business idea can flourish. Or are you a fan of scaling up your existing business and know the value of input and networking? Look no further, tell us about your new idea/twist on the platform for your opportunity to win prize money as well as a stamp of quality that your POWER OF INNOVATION is something to be reckoned with. Participation is completely free of charge and we ensure the confidentiality of your business idea.

Important dates:
April 24: Innovationskraft opens
May 15: Deadline to receive guaranteed feedback on your contribution
May 29: Innovationskraft closes

* Many people appreciate receiving professional feedback on their contributions and to guarantee you this, the deadline to submit your contribution is May 15 at the latest. Otherwise, the competition closes on May 29 for those of you who only want to compete.

How Innovationskraft works

Who can participate?

The short answer is EVERYONE! Whether you have a completely new idea or are a company that has developed your existing business, you are welcome to participate as long as you have an organization number . What we want to see is an action plan on how to make what is currently your idea into a reality, what clear problem your idea solves as well as how your idea contributes in sustainability matter. The submission is concise and it is easy to participate.

Why should you participate?

You get feedback that hopefully makes your idea even stronger and more competitive, a chance to expand your network and the opportunity to win prize money.

Who wins?

All types of ideas are welcome to participate in the competition. To participate, you need a clear plan for how the implementation will go. By participating in INNOVATIONSKRAFT, we want you to reach your full potential and have the conditions to be able to solve the problems of today and the future.

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