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Over 30.000 competitors

Over 30 000 entrepreneurs have competed in Venture Cup since the start 1998. The result is a lot of alumi companies who have deserved a place in our Hall of Fame.


Uniti is an electric city car that is designed to match the needs of the modern urban commuter and with a light and lean construction it maximizes the benefits of electric car technology. Aiming for holistic sustainability and a futuristic user experience, it includes an industry first, full-screen augmented reality heads up display, a steer-by-wire system, and utilizes sustainable materials in its construction.

The prototype is currently under development in Lund in Sweden, and will be unveiled in the summer of 2017. Uniti’s crowdfunding campaign had a historical outcome in late 2016, being one of the biggest in Scandinavia of all times. Find more information on the website: www.unitisweden.com

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