The National Jury

Let us present Venture Cup's National Jury 2022!


Arash Gilan är vd och medgrundare av marknadsföringsbyrån Viva Media. Han driver även vd-podden och har skrivit tre böcker där den senaste boken heter “En djävel på e-handel”.

”Den längsta resan är inåt”- Arash Gilan, Sverigejury 2022.


Anders Kjellander is the CEO of Umeå Science Park. Anders is involved in Umeå's innovation system by creating an environment where companies move forward in the development from ideas-startups-growth companies. Anders has many years of experience in CEO and management assignments within companies such as ICA, Coop and OK.

"Be prepared to work hard, success never comes without effort" - Anders Kjellander, National Jury 2022.


Annika Remaeus är enhetschef på Uppsala kommun med fokus på innovation och startups. Annika har erfarenhet som gränsgångare mellan stora och små företag och privat och offentligt. Hennes tips till entreprenörer och innovatörer är att testa tidigt även med användare och kunder i det offentliga.

”Tänk stort, starta smått och gör nu!”, Annika Remaeus, Sverigejury 2022.


Christian Arkelius is a partner, office manager in Stockholm and European patent representative at Ström & Gulliksson AB. He works with patent law and his focus as an advisor to clients is to find creative, proactive and strategic IP solutions that give them a leverage to achieve their business goals. During his almost 20 years as a patent attorney, he has developed a deep understanding of how IP can be put to work and used by companies with different needs and has received several awards from MIP IP Stars and IAM.

"Have a commitment to the details - it is crucial for the whole" - Christian Arkelius, National Jury 2022.


Christian Lauritzen is a partner at B3 Indes, serial entrepreneur, business angel and strategy consultant. Christian is a co-founder of a number of companies, both in Sweden and internationally. Some examples are B3 Indes, Adlibris, Proxio and Eicorn. It is almost always about companies that are out early with new technologies and that challenge their industry with new ways of thinking. Today, he is involved in a number of smaller companies and also helps larger companies with strategy, digitization and innovation. 

"Perseverance pays off and helpfulness pays off!" - Christian Lauritzen, Chairman of the National Jury 2022.


Cristopher Johansson är affärsutvecklare på LRF Samköp som arbetar för sänkta kostnader och effektivare inköp för de som arbetar inom de gröna näringarnas företag. Cristopher vill tipsa entreprenörer om att alltid ha kundens behov i fokus, att tänka skalbarhet och ett stort WHY. 

”Bättre affärer för Sveriges gröna näringar” – Christopher Johansson, Sverigejury 2022.


Emma Rozada is COO & Founder at The Techno Creatives and is a serial entrepreneur with 20 started companies in Sweden, Shanghai, Shenzhen, London, Tallinn and Bangkok. Product and service design in combination with tech and hardware is her niche and the common thread between the companies.  

Emma has run companies with both venture capital, self-financed with organic growth, and invests with her own fund The Techno Creatives Ventures. She has 15 years of experience in leading companies both as an operational leader, from the board, owners and as an advisor. She sits on the board of the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce and as an advisor to Engineers without Limits. 

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained” – Emma Rozada, National Jury 2022.


Hanna Moisander är en av grundarna av techinnovationsbyrån Hedy Tech. Hon är serieentreprenör och styrelseproffs, med en passion för affärsbyggande, investeringar och att möjliggöra innovation. Hanna har även grundat styrelseprogrammet deb. – Diverse Executive Boards, och Maya Impact fund, som är under uppstart.

“Våga testa tidigt och få värdefull kunddata att lära av. Och glöm inte att investera kärlek i teamet – tillsammans blir ni starkare” – Hanna Moisander, Sverigejury 2022.


Jessica is a seasoned investment manager with a professional history encompassing advisory, portfolio management and entrepreneurship. Currently, Jessica runs the Wellstreet Ventures Fund I as well as the Wellstreet Launchpad program in collaboration with Google for Startups. 

Prior to Wellstreet, Jessica was the founder of Five Years Time, an educational platform for entrepreneurs, and an advisor to the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) on innovation. Earlier in her career, she managed a portfolio of 35 early-stage startups in the cleantech and social impact space.

”Forever forward” – Jessica Rameau, National jury 2022


Kristina has been a tech investor for 12 years and today works with sustainability investments at SEB Greentech Venture Capital. She has previously invested in everything from digitization of financing services and software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry to having sold 3D optimization software to a platform company. She works actively with her portfolio companies through the board and has previous experience from business development, internationalization of finance companies and sales of financial services in various roles at SEB.

"Be clear with the vision both for yourself and others - only then can you reach it" - Kristina Söderberg, National Jury 2022.


Marianne is a lawyer and co-owner of the global law firm DLA Piper. Marianne is active in the agency's corporate group with a focus on company acquisitions and joint ventures as well as financial law. Marianne is an advisor to, among others, private equity and venture capital companies as well as start-ups. In addition, Marianne is responsible for the DLA Piper China desk. She speaks, writes and reads Mandarin. Both as a student and as an active lawyer, Marianne has lived in China for over 10 years in various periods since 1988. In addition to being a Swedish lawyer, Marianne is also an active English solicitor and has worked as a solicitor in the City of London for over 10 years.

"With stubbornness you go further and if you are stubborn enough, you can succeed with everything" - Marianne Ramel, National Jury 2022.


Martin Szepczynski is an entrepreneur in functional foods, among other things, who has founded brands such as Healthyco and Probrands. He is an experienced marketing manager with experience of working in the food and beverage industry and skilled in marketing management, customer service, advertising, business development and marketing strategy.


Per Hulthén is a serial entrepreneur and researcher. He researches startup exits and the long-term outcome of startups that are venture capital funded. Per also teaches entrepreneurial economics, venture and business development, IP strategy for startups and negotiation. In addition, he sits on boards and gives advice to startups, companies and agencies through his own consulting firm.

"Entrepreneurship is a marathon - be persistent and find joy during the journey" - Per Hulthén, National Jury 2022.


Thomas Torounidis is a slash careerist, entrepreneur and investor with several roles in industry, academia, public and private activities behind him. He is a trained technical doctor and has a master's degree in economics based on law, psychology, leadership and behavioral science. Today he is an investor and board professional.