Låt oss presentera våra vinnare i STARTUP 2023 som vunnit priser i regionfinalerna och därmed direktkvalificerat sig till Sverigefinalen den 10 oktober i Göteborg. Av totalt 40 finalister var det dessa 14 som vann priser och därmed går vidare till Sverigefinalen där de kommer tävla om fler priser samt den åtråvärda titeln ”Startup Of The Year”. Curious about the companies? Scroll down and read more!


Adsorbi – Fighting air pollution with a supermaterial!

We have developed a biomaterial that captures air pollutants with high efficiency. Our innovative materialis manufactured from cellulose and can be used in air filters to reduce the environmental impact and meet the increasingly high regulations for clean air.

Valys – Optimizing water treatment

Our idea is based on our fluorescence spectroscopic technology for measuring fine particles in water. Our business concept relies on a patented sensor solution and technology that is intended for implementation in water and wastewater treatment plants to optimize parts of their treatment processes. This solution results in reduced costs, waste, and environmental impact.

WindowGlass Recycling –Världsledande maskiner för fönsteråtervinning

WindowGlass Recycling offers a machine that can recycle windows. Recycling companies and recycling stations as well as other actors can now separate the components of a window with our machine and recycle the materials instead of sending it to landfill.

Mabel – An AI-based privacy-conscious translation and interpretation solution for healthcare

Mabel AI offers an AI-based solution to the problem of language barriers in healthcare. In emergencies, communication makes the difference between life and death.


GoneShells – Next generation of food packaging

Inspired by how nature protects its content, GoneShells offers an alternative to plastic, glass and paper to package food. What makes it innovative is the speed of and the multiple alternatives of degradation. With a material that can be home composted, eaten or dissolved in water, the objectives are to create less strain on recycling systems and reduce problems associated with packaging materials ending up in nature.

Funki – Inclusive musical instruments made to be played together

Funki is a set of musical instruments made for users with intellectual disabilities, which is made to be played together with others. The instruments feature a software that helps the user to stay in pace and to the same part of the song composition as the other players, which creates a unique opportunity for all kinds of people to meet through music.

SLF – Svenska Laserfabriken AB

Most laser have a specific colour. This is great, but for some applications you need a colour that lasers do not produce. This is where our solution comes in. Our solution lets you change the colour of your laser to the one you need. This is beneficial fro applications ranging from medical surgery to quantum communication.



HeartBalance aims to revolutionise healthcare by enabling early detection and prevention of stress-related health conditions. Our unique early warning system visualises both mental and physical health biometrics through the autonomic nervous system, helping users and health professionals to detect, predict, and prevent mental and physical health conditions with 100% accuracy.

SLOVE – An ecosystem for musicians, venues, and fan base

Musicians, get Slove on your phone! It finds gigs for you and matches you with venues using data and AI. And now, Slove connects you with fans too.

Geografisk intelligens

Geographic intelligence is a powerful combination of geographic data and artificial intelligence that can be used to solve that problem through the development of new maps. Unfortunately, this technique requires specialist expertise in two different disciplines, making the threshold for application high. Geoint is a service that lowers that threshold. The service is based on a digital twin of Sweden on a 1:1 scale where each pixel in the map corresponds to one square meter in reality.

Batonics – Intelligent investment platform for automated scouting of anomalies

Batonics are automating the financial investment processes with machine learning and AI in engines that pick up anomalies and
trends in big data sets. Instead of the user gathering, formatting and analysing financial market data from hundreds of different data providers, Batonics does it for you. With our simple interface just search the area you want to analyse, choose your variables of interest and let the program do the rest. We are challenging the multi-strategy investment microcosm by providing tools for better
investments across all sectors.


Adatype – AI-powered Virtual Keyboard for ergonomic typing on touchscreens

Adatype offers an AI-powered virtual keyboard for ergonomic typing ontouchscreens. It makes typing efficient, comfortable, and healthier for end-users;boosts productivity of workers who use touchscreens to input text; and helpsproviders of touchscreen devices to improve their customer satisfaction.


The fashion industry causes 10% of global CO2 emissions, largely due to leather production. We can solve this problem by using biotechnology to upcycle waste from local breweries into fungi-based leather. Fungi can transform biomaterials and produce biodegradable, biobased leather of the same quality as genuine leather. We’ll partner with leather goods manufacturers to create a sustainable alternative tailored to their needs.

ACCURENT – Creating transparency in the renting process

Accurent is reinventing the handover inspection process for housing companies, reducing stress, time and costs. By using computer vision, we digitize and automatize the hand over process and create total transparency.