Here are all the finalists in STARTUP 2022! A total of 40 companies, 10 in each region, were selected by the jury and competed in our regional finals. In addition to winning prizes and fame, the winners directly qualified for the Swedish final on October 12th, where they will compete for more prizes and the coveted title "Startup Of The Year". You can find which companies won and will compete in the Swedish final here.


Delori – Delegate Rights in the Digital World

Envue Technologies

The next generation of nanotechnology making the cornerstones of life more visible - The Biomolecules!

Everyone text - MyDrives​

A dashcam-app that allows driving license instructors to share feedback with their students during and or after the driving lessons.


'Seaweed Ink' a non-toxic and biodegradable dye for textiles made from micro algae.

Nano Textile Solutions

Sustainable textile innovation that minimises environmental footprints and enables more circular business models.


Revolutioning minimally invasive cancersurgeries


The sensor that eliminates the danger of bacteria in drinking water

Parametric Solutions​

Al-generated architecture for better decision making in early stages.


For a healthier, more equal and sustainable city.

Tellus 2

We want to be a key player in the global NFT community combining games and sustainability.


Solving today ́s problems with tomorrows technology


Our solution minimizes the use of preservatives, the waste of liquids/semi-liquids, and packaging environmental footprints


We offer consumers a way to minimise their food waste by 1 ton per person through an easier and more sustainable way of buying food.


Healing though Playing, making physiotherapy an easy, more accessible and fun experience for everyone to follow through.


We simplify your housing search with the support of Al and machine learning.

Lockdown Innovation

The bag for the future allows you to safekeep your most valuable things and take it with you anywhere on the beach.


Upcycling plastic waste into healthy food solutions


An evidence-based, patient-centered and data-driven platform that increases the well-being of cancer patients and accelerates their road to recovery.


The platform that welcomes non Swedish speaking to feel more at home in Sweden.

Sparkling Tea by Petterson & Munthe

Sparkling Tea - A Swedish handcrafted drink


New technology providing new opportunities in understanding the human body.


Birch Vodka from the City of Birch - Pure pleasure in a bottle!

Containing Greens​

Developing modular cultivation systems for the future cultivation in a cold climate.


Reducing the fear of needles by reducing the pain of syringe injections immediately upon application.


Wireless swarm of intelligent machines flexibly reacting to product changes and disruptions


The first dating app

N.C Zero Waste Store Concept

The new wave shaping the trends of daily consumption of merchandise.

Nordic Renew Resource​

NRR renar tungmetaller från att komma ut i luft, vatten och marken genom en helt ny reningsprocess – HMEE.


An innovative Open-Source furniture that through challenges the traditional make-break-waste production model through a digital ecosystem.


A 3D program (TechTile) where consumers, can log into bathroom suppliers' website, build their own bathroom and submit a request to get a price quotation for it.


We are building the future of clinical trial recruitment


Farvand is a smart sensor and data service that leverages guests’ awareness to build a community with gamified elements that help reduce water consumption and thus the sustainability of tourism


The first fair and sustainable Swedish condom brand that aims to encourage greater protection in the HEAT of the moment with a discreet design, packed in matchboxes – challenging the condom conversation


By renting out seaweed farms, we are able to make the vast potential of sea weed accessible toeveryone!


NeoMatrix has built an ultra-low power alternative to GPS for detecting position, using no antenna, in a robust method that can’t be easily defeated, unlike GPS

Pharmista Technologies

Pharmista develops a reusable pregnancy test that meets both the customer's and the environment's needs in a better way than today's tests


A unique technology that analyzes data and generates new leads for companies, which thus helps customers reach new consumers they do not reach today


Spaced is improving how people can work remotely with companies and projects they are passionate about


SpeakSum - better meetings for everyone. #SpeakSumMore


SunFeeds - New nutritional replacement foods based on sunflower kernels to fight hunger