The Nominees

These are the 47 regional nominees in Venture Cup STARTUP 2017. The 15 regional winners of the prizes:Top Tech, Impact Maker, Game Changer, and Student Superstart, have been selected and will compete in the National Final the 21st of September.

Nominees in Venture Cup North


ArboxA uses a new non-destructive method to determine the quality of trees already in the forest, before or during harvesting. This has significant environmental and economic benefits.

Bara Bättre

Bara Bättre is a management concept that primarily helps hairdressers to coach and lead their personnel for increased profitability. They give their customers the right conditions to perform better, earn more and have more fun at work.

Event Compass

Event tourism and effects of major events are increasing. Event Compass™ measures and displays the effects of events, sponsorships and visit arenas in sports, culture and meetings.


ColoNode will give accurate detection of tumor spread with the new unique feature that can discriminate between aggressive and non-aggressive spread for colorectal
cancer. This significantly improves the selection of patients to postoperative treatment contributing to better survival.


Lumberscan is a game changer in timber and pulpwood inventory calculations. They utilize drone technology combined with computer vision to make volumetric calculation of the inventory. The method is both more accurate and efficient compared to currently used methods in the industry.


The vision for Mobius is a global network to elevate business-to-business recycling of redundant materials to the next level – both from an environmental and economic perspective. Mobius offers its users economic benefits but more importantly, it supports a healthier environment, which is the origin and core of the idea.


Mowida is a service that makes it easier for people looking for accommodation and smarter for landlords renting out accommodations. The platform matches the landlords and applicants based on various criteria, simplifies the process for both parties and creates a completely seamless housing market.

Musikmedel is the professional platform for class music teachers. Enjoy lesson plans, with premium quality material and methodical progression. Here you find a solution for how to teach and measure all of the goals demanded by the curriculum.


Organofuel Sweden is a green high-tech company with a unique eco-friendly technology that allows the valorization of forestry-based biomass into high value products such as biofuel, biomaterial and bio-chemicals.


P-Rex is simply ’Ask the Doctor” in video format. If you suffer from a non urgent orthopedic issue, P-Rex will offer recommendations from the best specialists, doctors or physiotherapists, without any time booking hazzle.


Reliable Communication from Northpole down to Latitude 66. By using small Nano satellites with an orbit that covers the target area enable Reliable to deliver reliable communication North of the Arctic circle.

Shimmer cat

ShimmerCat for Business recover revenue losses caused by slow websites, which all e-commerces can relate too. By using HTTP/2 and push technology with a proprietary software we make the Internet faster.

Nominees in Venture Cup East


Anymaker’s mission is to be the leading developer of digital 3D applications that in a playful manner improve children’s analytical and spatial abilities. Our 3D modeling app is a stimulating and powerful tool for children to express creativity while improving analytical and spatial intelligence. Target groups are Schools, Science Centers and home users.


Firend AB fire retardant is 100% recyclable and is composed of only eatable and non-hazardous natural components that provide flame retardant, fire protection and even mold and fungus protection. In addition, it can withstand open fire and direct heat up to 500 degrees.


Flowbox is a SaaS solution for re-publication of User Generated Content from social media to customer sites, campaign pages, newsletters or other marketing materials. Flowbox enables the great possibility to turn your fans content into your best marketing material. The concept is based on that consumers are significantly greater extent influenced to authentic touch rather than the professional photos.


MiNDiGO is on a mission to bridge the gap between the way people interact with digital information and the way our brains are designed to think. Our business idea is to offer an innovative visualization of search results that provides quick learning and understanding of complex information, which is designed to ease and assist the users’ workflow.

Next Period

Next Period is the menstrual protection revolutionizing the world. Today there is a globally growing trend where sustainability, environment and health is focused. Our goal is to increase the wellbeing and independence of women all around the globe. We will contribute to economic growth with a new sustainable product for women in both higher-wage and lower-wage economies.


OptiFriction AB is a new company focused on the development and manufacturing of components and equipment in the ski and water sports segment. Their goal is to make it easier for customers by developing effective tools and methods for ski preparation (waxing skis) in a repeatable and automated approach. A surface with optimized structure and wear resistance will not only increase the durability of the surface, it can also reduce the fuel consumption of a watercraft.


Qlocx has created a smart mailbox where you can receive, return and send parcels and post directly from your home without the need of being at home to meed the carrier. Our product creates a more effective logistic system and eliminate the need to go to different service points or wait at home to receive a delivery, thereby you can sustain your flexible lifestyle.


Haulers are under severe profitability pressure and unnecessarily loose about 20.000 SEK of fuel per truck and year. When a driver changes trailer, he should adjust the air deflector on the truck roof. But the driver rather start to drive to save time. RMBLStrips software, when integrated in the electric motor that adjusts the deflector, automates the adjustment and hence realizes the fuel saving.


In order to make urban farming mainstream, the growing process need to be simplified and more fun. By combining Internet of Things and Scandinavian furniture design, we are developing products that aim on creating a unique user experience for home growing.

Taggis is a cloud based editing platform enabling companies, schools and individuals to produce and share interactive and digital presentations, reports and training material in a simple three step process. The platform is a further development of an already existing interactive learning concept developed for the airline industry and taps into the rapidly growing markets of Digital Learning, Virtual Reality and Gamification. opens up unparalleled avenues for how education, information and presentations are carried out, through interactivity within visual media.

The Poli

The Poli is an eco-friendly bag company, established with the vision of creating positive environmental and societal change through sustainable resource use, regenerative design and ethical business and leadership. The bags are manufactured in Bangladesh and will be sold primarily through our online website and by participating in festivals.


Tracy is a creative AI startup that is on a mission to bring Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the IoT space in B2C markets. Our first product is aimed to disrupt the pet healthcare. We are building the world’s first self-learning pet wearable that gives your dog a voice by letting you know its needs and health status at any given moment in your smartphone.

Nominees in Venture Cup Region West


Anda aims to create a world with more reliable information. Anda provides a software as a service tool that analyses news articles, assesses its reliability and informs the user about the likelihood of the news article of being fake or not.


With a vision to secure equality, diversity, and inclusivity within the recruitment process, Equalify has developed a plugin which enables anonymous recruitment within companies own HR-systems. A plugin that automatically anonymizes job applications from words and picture regarding name, age, gender, and ethnicity.

Fair Photo Agency

Fair Photo Agency is an online platform and tool that connects responsible companies that practice sustainability with international photographers. Their ambition is to aid these companies to obtain bigger market shares through better possibilities in their visual communication and hence be an important player in the upcoming shift towards a more responsible, conscious and sustainable consumption worldwide.


FörSvinn targets Gothenburg's food waste and creates delicious
dishes with perfectly fine-to-eat “leftovers.” By collaborating with some of the big local wholesalers, they collect and cook vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away because of lack of space, the wrong shapes or colors, short dates, wrong orders or simply technical errors.

Graphic Tracer

Getting scanned or imported logos into shape can be a hassle. Graphic Tracer is designed to restore originals for any purpose. Artwork that previously would have taken several hours can now be ready in minutes with Graphic Tracer.


By developing a product that recycles the water in existing laundry systems, e.g. hotels, laundromats. Mimbly can save millions of liters of water and a considerable amount of energy. The key aspect of Mimbly's product is its accessibility, or in other words its ease of implementation.


There is an urgent demand for novel technologies to reproduce physiology of human organs and generate accurate results on drug efficacy and toxicity. OrganoVitro has developed a dynamic microfluidic very large scale organ (VLSO)-on-a-chip platform. The team aims at reducing the risks of drug testing in human trials and significantly decreasing the number of animal tests.


Tribotextil AB offers licenses and sells the product Tribotextil ™ to engineering companies that 3D shapes thin metal sheet, an environmentally friendly press technology that results in a high surface finish, minimized post-processing and low disposal.


Trotto increases the profitability of horse stables, especially in trot and gallop, by offering a digital system for efficiency and quality assurance of work processes and communication towards external horse owners.


ZeroAtlas is an app for green companies nearby with gamification and AR features similar to Pokemon Go but with listings like TripAdvisor. The goal is to take climate change down to a level where everyone can easily understand the information they get from green companies and have fun at the same time.


Today, there is a gap between the moment a recording is made and to when it can be stored safely on encrypted hard drives. Journalists and human rights workers pay the highest possible price for this vulnerability when they are being searched and harassed in the field. Zifra's encrypting memory card fundamentally changes the way information is protected by integrating security in the moment of creation.

Nominees in Venture Cup Region South


Today Cost reduction is Complex, Time-consuming and Expensive, as this work is done by Management or Specialized Cost reduction consultants, and therefore exclusively for the “Fortune 500 companies”. Benchtell will change that by providing a B2B benchmarking platform that compares and evaluates costs and supplier contracts with other similar companies to save lots of money.


The new data protection regulation, GDPR, affects all companies that handles personal data. The web service GDPR Hero is the long term solution for companies upcoming challenges. With the service you’ll get a more effective method that saves a lot of time, provides security, gives you more control and ensures that the new regulations is being followed.


Gedea Biotech develops an antibiotic-free, safe and effective treatment of vaginal fungal infections based on a natural substance that is an approved food additive. It acts by a novel mechanism, which prevents and treats infection in depth without killing the fungus. The first product will be a topical treatment of vaginal fungal infections.

My Esteeme

My Esteeme creates teaching tools that encourage healthy self-esteem and diversity appreciation in preschool children. Our multisensory kit contains five ethnically-diverse dolls, an App, a song and a teaching guide. This provides a fun and unique experience for children and offers a solution for preschools to implement the required likabehandlingsplan. The App features Augmented Reality that brings the dolls to life while also extending playtime. Our overall goal is to make a positive impact in Sweden by teaching children to accept themselves and others for who they are.

Next step dynamics

Next Step Dynamics helps prevent falls among elderly people by continuously analyzing balance, strength and sleep along with other vital parameters using smart wearable and big data analytics. In Sweden, there is a fall accident involving an elderly person every two minutes, causing pain, fear and a 24 Billon SEK ($5 Billion) cost to society every year. We bring together an international team of experts including physiotherapists specializing on elderly fall and fall metrics, Telecom and MedTech systems with a mission to reduce fall accidents in elderly people by more than 70% by the end of 2020.

Novo spection

NovoSpection’s aim is to bring innovative solutions to where they are needed the most. Platform 2030 allows companies to develop viable strategies on emerging markets. The algorithm generates a sustainability assessment of a possible project and summarizes barriers to market entry.


In our vision, anyone should be able to send money anywhere in any currency – fast, cheap and with a smile! From our team of dedicated Engineers and Economists with experience both from traditional banking and fintech comes a service which will change your every day life.

Sofie Bly

Sofie Bly Shoes and Accessories represents innovative Swedish fashion design and sells vegeterian shoes and accessories in a classic feminine manner of high quality. All of our products are to a 100 % produced in Europe.


Suntribe Sunscreen offers adventurers around the world a 100% natural alternative for safe sun protection. Our sunscreen does not harm human health or the environment while guaranteeing long-lasting sun protection even under the harshest wind, weather and sun conditions. It´s organic and perfect for surfing, kiting, hiking, biking, you name it! Up for grabs at

Trygga Avtal

TryggaAvtal dramatically lowers the price of high quality legal services for SMEs by using the spare capacity of legal professionals. By using lawyers’ spare capacity we can disrupt the legal market and open it to startups. So far the market has tried to solve high costs for legal services with cheap do-it-yourself solutions. Still there is a need for individual service. We bring high individual service for low costs.


Vevios is the future safety alarm for elderly and chronically ill. Vevios works like a wearable cell phone and enables to secure communication between user and Homecare. This mobile safety alarm creates a freer and safer everyday life.


Vultus offers early pest detection for agriculture using drones, satellites and AI. The crop loss due to pests, in Europe alone, amounts to over $130B annually. Farmers spend tens of billions of dollars on pesticides, but over 90% of them go to waste. With early pest detection, the treatment can be targeted at hotspots, which minimizes crop loss.

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