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Hi friend! On September 1st we will launch an updated competition. This means that the following instructions and rules will change. Come back at the end of August to get more information. Have a great summer!


Venture Cup is Sweden’s largest competition for those looking to develop their business idea and start a business. The competition started in 1998 by McKinsey & Company and has a long history of helping and highlighting new business ideas and companies. Since the start of the competition close to 27 000 entrepreneurs have competed with over 13 000 business ideas.

The competition consists of two phases where you choose whether you want to attend all or just the phase that suits you. You also choose which of the four categories that you and your idea want to compete in.


Competition Categories

In Phase Business Idea and Phase Business Plan you choose which category you want to compete in.

LifeSienceTeknik engManniskaSamhalle engMiljoEnergi engWeb eng






Life Science & Technology – Your business idea has a technical solution or can be applied in the field of life science.
People & Society – You have a social related business idea.
Environment & Energy – Your business idea is in the field of environment, sustainability or energy savings.
Web, Software & Media – You realize your business idea through digital solutions.

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