Venture Cup Topp20-list

These are the 20 winners of IDEA 2019


Aquammodate develops a filter with the aim to produce extremely pure water using small amounts of energy. Currently available man-made water filtration technology suffers from a trade-off between purity and energy consumption whereas Nature is able to produce pure water at low energy expense.

Pica - Birds picking litter

Pica improves the cleaning of cigarette butts by taking help from intelligent birds like magpies. When the birds pick a butt and throws it in a litter bin for birds, they are rewarded with food. Pica will sell the bird-bins as well as a method for teaching wild birds the principle of the trade.

Bräda - an Extraordinary Ordinary (Electric) Skateboard

We offer people in need of a last-mile vehicle an electric skateboard with a unique riding experience. The board is controlled by your body movements, like a regular skateboard, this provides an intuitive and safer user experience.


EasySurfer creates a whole new category of IT aids that are meant to improve the Internet experience immensely for anyone suffering from shaking or poor fine motor skills in their fingers and hands, by replacing all motion-based elements in the browser with simply pressing buttons.


InvivoPower will sell IP licenses, based on its disruptive transcutaneous wireless energy and data link technology. Clients will be medical companies developing, manufacturing and selling active class III type implants.


A social network which connects hunters, landowners and nature enthusiasts. To allow everyone to be able to enjoy nature as effectively and economically as possible, regardless of economical status.

The Hyve by Hydromesh

The Hyve is an AI based on machine learning which optimizes the energy flow in a microgrid that have access to local renewable energy and energy storage. It finds the optimal usage of the energy which leads to lowered emissions, economic savings, and a balancing of the electrical grid.


Jaisy have developed a low-cost non-invasive device that lets anyone in the world, even without medical training, detect newborn jaundice, which literally translates into saving lives and is 100x cheaper than current devices.

K'epe Bags

K’epe Bags is a multipurpose, waterproof and fashionable bike bag and backpack. Easy to transform, comfortable to be carried and spacious for transporting your belongings everywhere.


Wants to make it possible for everyone to create their own video games, even without any experience, by creating simple 2D games to demonstrate easy ways to start out. Kieszeń provides game creation tools for free and sells a portable game console to play and share your creations.

Life Cube

The franchise and service Life Cube produces cheaper water than existing alternatives by cleaning used water from shower water, dishes, and laundry into safe potable water.
By enabling people, who suffer from economic water scarcity, access to cheaper water, many can bring themselves out of poverty.


Lucero is a biotechnology startup that is building a single-cell micromanipulation tool. By integrating optical tweezers, microfluidics, and machine learning, they create a system which can be used by every biologist in the world, regardless of former knowledge.


Hooked develops and sells nutritious and tasty plant-based seafood to restaurants, hotels and grocery chains with flexitarian and vegan consumers. Our first products are a shredded plant-based tuna and salmon with high protein and omega-3 levels offered to a price similar to traditionally farmed fish.


ParX is a parking app that easily guides the driver to the closest available parking space and simultaneously enable the user to compare the prices between the vacant parking spots - the solution to today's inefficient and time-consuming search process.


Qalami aims to bridge the remote Himalayan communities of Pakistan with the rest of the world through bringing their ancestral artisanship to the world by cross-section of Swedish design and Himalayan artisanship and enriching the consumer experience through story telling of women artisans.


RadDrone’s radiation monitoring and mapping technology using drones help authorities, institutes and companies to prove that they operate within legally required radiation levels while avoiding radiation exposure to personnel and increasing mapping accessibility in remote areas.

RECCU (Reducing Cervical Cancer in Uganda)

A business that delivers HPV self-collecting kits for cervical cancer to eligible clients in Uganda, picks up the samples and then connects the patients with positive test results to appropriate care for that particular patient.


Offer preschools an innovative safety vest to prevent children from getting lost or being forgotten. The vest is connected to an AI based mobile app that notifies the teacher once a child goes missing out of the approved geographical area. It’s also equipped with colourful LED lights and call-function.


Spacerpad is a modern reusable sanitary pad that is functional, comfortable and easy to handle. It is primarily designed for women who suffer from poverty making it difficult to manage their menstrual hygiene. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative for all women who currently uses disposable products.


A medical device that uses a ‘low intensity vibration’ to improve blood flow in order to boost angiogenesis and stimulate growth factors which help to speed up the healing process of a chronic foot wound. The device is designed to be easy to use at home.

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