Venture Cup Top 20


Atium is developing a research-based technology for removing mercury and other toxic heavy metals from water. The patent-pending technology removes very low concentrations in a sustainable way.

Base of Sweden

Base Of Sweden’s mission is to innovate smart cosmetic tools so that you can focus more on you passions and less on your flaws. We all have imperfections, that’s why we are unique.


Bioserva is developing a new storage solution for biobanks, solving issues related to refreezing fluid biosamples after an analysis, thereby preserving sample quality for future research.


Bitroot helps local commercial greenhouse farmers gain a competitive edge, decrease labor costs, and save natural resources by remotely monitoring greenhouse growing conditions.


Bylife is bringing nature indoors to improve people’s wellbeing by developing the next-gen living walls to immerse you in nature and let you express yourself in life, by life.


A smart bracelet-shaped thermometer for beers and wines which informs you through an app on your smartphone when the beverage has reached a previously set and desired temperature.

Energy saving filter

A nanomaterial, which efficiently removes heavy metal contaminants in waste or potable water. Our filter can remove more than 95% of top 5 metals: Hg, Pb, Cd, Cr - at low cost and zero water or electrical energy waste.


HealthGoing® is the only search engine that quality checks collect and personalizes reliable food recipes and exercises for each user. Good health sources get certified and marketed.


Klimato quantifies food related emission and enables restaurants to present, analyze and reduce the climate impact while establishing a green profile and transparency for consumers.


KYKLOS is a mobile platform designed to connect gamers with similar preferences. Users can also collect points while playing together and exchange it on our marketplace into cool stuff.


Nemetic is developing a new surgical instrument that will reduce the time needed for open abdominal surgeries, lower healthcare costs and free up valuable surgery space for patients in need.


PopBy is a new app that connects you with people, cafes, restaurants close to you, where you can post messages in real places for others to see. You can post and reply to messages, follow real places and connect with others by private chat you meet at these places.


Panion is the only keyword-searchable friend finder that helps you discover like-minded people who share your interests, goals, values, and/or experiences. Sign up today and meet new activity partners in your area


It is difficult to obtain a complete view of patients’ unmet rehabilitation needs. A web application based on questionnaires, visualized as a star-graph, can save time and health economy.


REPHIL turns tap water into fresh shampoo and makes shower products sustainable. With REPHIL you reduce global emissions and prevent plastic pollution. Take a shower, clean the planet.

Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound builds a community around your elderly relatives by using a smart sensor to detect activity, sound, and other environmental indicators, telling you if something is up.


Strintagi provides a service that helps gamers step up their game. Gamers can upload their game replays to receive feedback and recommendations on how to improve their gaming through an AI.


Tidioo is an educational tool with the purpose to increase focus and learning during class for the primary and secondary school.

Våga! - Tillsammans

VÅGA! Is the Swedish word for daring! We are a social movement and certification aimed at helping organizations in the entertainment industry to prevent and deal with sexual harassment and violence.


ZLINGIT bring fans, sponsors, and sports clubs closer together. We promote interaction, increase revenues and create sustainable growth. ZLINGIT is the modern ticketing system for sport clubs

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