Venture Cup Top 20

These are the 20 winners of IDEA 2018


Adatype is a software keyboard that brings typing experience from physical keyboards to tablets, using machine learning. Adatype is aimed to be pre-installed on tablets by tablet vendors.

Boxed Fruit

With a circular mindset Boxed Fruit aim to reduce food waste. Their first solution is to give renewed life to soon-to-be-wasted fruits and vegetables by turning them into innovative frozen products.


A machine learning solution with the capacity to automatically predict, classify and analyze power quality. This enable smarter power grids, which is a necessity in an electrified society.


Ecoist develops, sells and produces energy efficient vehicles with low environmental impact, are easy to manufacture, have a production that is fully scalable and cloneable to new markets.


Endometrix is an app designed to improve gynaecological care. Using AI to correlate symptoms and treatments, you will get the right care faster than ever before.


Flype’s mission isto decentralize delivery services by enabling any person in the world to perform international delivery service and earn money through it.


Greentravel will revolutionize international train travel and reduce climate change. We will achieve this by creating a service that makes it easy to book international train tickets.


Growing with the future! Automating the growing cycle of eco-friendly and organic fresh produce in enclosed spaces, reducing reliance on imports and the associated environmental impact.


Hardskills is an intelligent and easy way to find, validate and get in touch with the top innovators of the world - A solution to one of the most acute problems for industrial companies.


HexaRoot reduces weed growth through optimization of modern sowing techniques. They use add-on hardware and artificial intelligent based software that utilizes data from the field.


OceanSky will operate sustainable hybrid aircraft. We will change the concepts of high-end travel and deliver unique experiences. Luxury experiential travel is a stepping-stone towards sustainable mobility for the next generation.

Point of Law

Point of Law is a marketplace for legal services that helps people find the legal professional they need. By using our service you’ll save the hassle of impossible comparisons.


Household water recycling shower that does not require a connection to the water supply network. Ideal for water-scarce rural and off-grid areas.

Railway condition monitoring solutions

Railway Condition Monitoring Solutions offers modern low-cost efficient condition monitoring solutions in the area of the railway industry to improve safety, reliability and total maintenance costs.

Point of Law

Point of Law is a marketplace for legal services that help people find the legal professional they need. By using our service you’ll save the hassle of impossible comparisons.


Stocksholm visualizes the businesses behind stocks to make them easier to understand. We rate the companies based on their financial performance so that you don’t have to.


Easy and non-invasive breast cancer risk assessment with AI-powered thermal imaging application.


VectorizeMove aims to increase the overall well-being of horses by providing a reliable, robust, easy-to-use gait analysis service that will enable horse owners, trainers, and veterinaries to detect and evaluate lameness very early, verify the efficacy of treatment, monitor and track recovery.

Ventus Robur

Ventus Robur AB will provide improved solutions for generating clean energy through our innovative and effective wind turbine. This is a sustainable way of producing electricity non-stop with minimum noise and effect on all types of environments.


Wkndswap is a contemporary home exchange service that utilizes an algorithmic based the matching system which enables weekend travelers to save time, energy and money when looking for accommodation.

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