The finalists

Below you will find the complete list of finalists that competed in Venture Cup STARTUP's National Finals 2019.

The finalists in the North region

Best Traction: On-rails

On-rails is a portable roof rack for cars with open roof rails. With On-rails you can quickly and easily transport your skis and ski poles, fishing rods, oars and other long objects.

Game Changer: Nordic SkiCrosser

We have developed the first exercise machine in the world, whose motion pattern mimics the whole movement in classic cross-country skiing such as diagonal, poling and kick double pole. The technology recently launched to market is patent-pending.

Impact Maker: TeamPay

TeamPay helps organisations increase revenue by digitizing the business processes for safer and simpler payments, reducing wastage and increased sales.

Student Superstart: ARBOREAL SKOG

The user gets digital measurements of the forest in realtime with a mobile phone. Fast, simple, digital and with high accuracy. The user gets rid of papers and manual tools.

The finalists in the East region

Best Traction: Nordic Psychology

Nordic Psychology is a Stockholm-based product company within health tech. NP offers comprehensive solutions within VR treatment for both private and public health care with treatment programs for phobias, addiction, therapeutic relaxation, nutrition and eating disorders and physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Game Changer: Appstore for R&D

Stardots wants to contribute to a positive development of the society by improving both speed and accuracy of R&D efforts. To that end we have developed an Appstore for R&D applications for scientists and engineers in both academia and industry. The Applications may be written in high-level languages such as MATLAB and Python, and they are designed to be data-driven insights within signal processing, AI, image analysis and Big Data.

Student Superstart: imagiLabs

imagiLabs makes coding fun for teenage girls. A community where girls between 12-16 get creative with mobile-first tools and gadgets customisable through programming. Powered by gamification, we aim to train and prepare tomorrow's leaders who will shape the future of innovation.

The finalists in the West region

Best Traction: VectorizeMove

VectorizeMove is world’s first reliable, easy-to-use service that can objectively analyse gait in everyday life (of both humans & animals) using wearable devices & robust algorithms; enabling users to detect mobility problems very early, verify efficacy of treatment and monitor recovery.

Game Changer: Eneryield

Eneryield has a ML solution which automatically predict, classifies and analyze power quality. Their analysis can e.g. be used for planning of grids or control of hardware. The idea benefits the digitization of the electricity grids.

Impact Maker: Helios Innovations

Helios Innovations has developed a new desalination method that utilise waste heat from industries to clean saltwater. Industries consume around 60% of the freshwater in Sweden so if they can become more self sustaining there would be enough water for humans.

Student Superstart: Amferia

Amferia has developed a patch that prevents the occurrence of infections in wounds. The patch is active against all types of bacteria including those resistant to antibiotics. The goal is to reduce the number of infections in general while the use of antibiotics can be reduced.

The finalists in the South region

Best Traction: Mylla Matmarknad

A new kind of grocery store, where you can shop directly from the producers. They offer the same convienience of a regular grocery store, but with better transparency, fresher produce, and better income for the producers. Simply an easier way to shop more enviormentaly friendly.

Game Changer: HeroSight

HeroSight uses cutting edge Augmented Reality technology as an educational tool that brings down preparation time to a minimum. The software combined with automatic measurability makes practicing emergency care possible at any place and time.

Impact Maker: MEDARCA

MEDARCA lowers the cost for handling drugs and medicine and frees up valuable time for caretaking staff through a deposit box which automizes parts of drug handling within the elderly care.

Student Superstart: Innovosens

Surveilance of blood suger levels through measuring sweat and other components, which does not demand a blood test.

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