The Finalists

Finally, it's time to announce the winners of Venture Cup STARTUP 2018. On the evening of September 12th, you are welcome to join us in a celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship. Save your free seat right now!

The finalists from region North


The difficulty of finding the right skills for companies is becoming more problematic. This problem costs companies millions and there is no good solution, until now. PreOption is an employer branding startup which focuses on the competence of the future - a new way of matchmaking.


FreezFiler tracks sample box location in -80°C lab freezers with no manual work. Samples and free space can be found without opening the freezer. This reduces damages on samples, saves space, energy costs and time.

The Fit

The Fit develops mobile body scanner technology that creates digital body passes containing a 3D avatar with the user's body measurements. By combining 3D scanning and artificial intelligence, The Fit changes the online experience of the future.

In-sight Education

A digital self-help program that helps people to enhance their inner well-being. The unique thing about this concept is that it relies on an animated explanatory model that has proven to be effective at increasing both the individual's comprehension and motivation.

The finalists from region East

Addresses by Map Project

Map Project Sweden AB is developing a system to provide precise, complete and easy to use digital addresses to the estimated 4 billion people who lack an adequate address. Map Project strengthens the citizens’ ability to exercise their civil rights, enables trade and contributes to inclusive socio-economic development.


BeeScanning is fighting the bee-killing parasite Varroa destructor which kills millions of bees each year. 20% of all bees in Europe dies because of the parasite and in the US it's an even bigger problem. By combining the phone's camera with AI, BeScanning can help locating the parasite in time and by doing so saving a lot of bees that create a sustainable future.

Coda Easy

Coda Easy is a cloud-based programming platform customized for the mandatory education in programming this autumn. Eight out of ten teachers feel insufficiently prepared to teach programming, we offer them a comprehensive solution.


Washing the car is a time-consuming moment in all car owners lives and often the car wash at the gas station isn't that satisfying. Woshapp revolutionizes the way we wash our cars and makes something that is usually considered a hard work, easy. Woshapp is the Uber for car washes and is the eco-friendly on-demand carwash that comes to you, easy, smart and convenient.

The finalists from region West


Atium is developing a novel technology for selectively removing toxic heavy metals from water in a more sustainable and cost-efficient way. Atium can create value for chemical, mining and metal industries, as well as treatment of drinking water.


In Gardenize garden app you collect all your gardening information with photos and notes. Gardenize help you with smart and personal reminders, tips and inspiration - Everyone can grow!


Kallaid is developing a new storage solution for biobanks. Their solution will focus on addressing the negative issues that are associated with refreezing blood samples after an analysis. It will play a major role in preserving sample quality for future research and supporting the fight against severe diseases.


Detecht develops an automatic emergency alarm for motorcyclists. By analyzing the smartphone’s embedded sensors Detechts algorithm is able to detect a motorcycle accident. Once an accident has occurred, an automatic SMS is sent to the drivers emergency-contacts including the accidents positions and severity.

The finalists from region South

BOOST Thyroid

BOOST Thyroid is an AI solution for people affected by an autoimmune thyroid disorder, helping to avoid health complications and age well using machine learning to provide personalized predictions.


Bylife brings nature indoor to improve peoples’ quality of life. After more than a year of development of the next generation smart living walls, Bylife is about to revolutionize how plants are used and consumed to enable everyone to express themselves in life, by life.


WordDiagnostics is a decision support system for diagnosing psychiatric disorders based on word data, analyzed with artificial intelligence. Using a new innovation called semantic measures where individuals freely describe their mental health with words.

Pure Bio Synergy

Through patented technology that enables ozone production in humid and harsh environments, Pure Bio Synergy can use this nature's own purification agent in new, very important markets, including the provision of drinking water in the developing countries of the world.

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