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Sep 13 - Nov 11

Venture Cup IDEA is the competition for all business ideas in an early stage. It can be a simple thought, an idea you can not get out of your head or an idea that you have been working on for a while. Venture Cup IDEA competition is the competition for you who wants to take your idea to the next level. By entering the competition Venture Cup IDEA you will get access to an excellent network, marketing opportunities on the platform and you are guaranteed to get feedback on your idea. Five winners from each of our four regions are in the end awarded 5 000 SEK each and a spot on our national Top20 list of best business ideas in Sweden.

Feb 3 - March 30

STARTUP is the competition for early phase startups. External equity capital + revenue may not exceed 1 000 000 SEK in order to compete. This competition targets new startups with verified business ideas, scalability, and significant growth potential. To compete you submit a pitch deck which will be evaluated by a jury after the 2nd of April. Besides useful feedback, an impressive network and the chance to get publicity, the competing startups have the opportunity to win up to 500 000 SEK as well as a stamp of quality that your startup have won the Venture Cup, which is proven to be useful to attract investors and publicity.

About our competitions

How do you win?

All the competing startups are judged according to the competition criteria; business idea, team, scalability, and credibility. Make sure that you include information about all these categories in your entry before deadline. After deadline, all entries will go through our screening jury. The screening jury will then select which startups qualify for the next step of pitching in front of the regional jury. From there, the jury will select the regional winners of the awards Impact Maker, Game Changer, Beyond Academic and Best Traction, presented at The Regional Final. The winners from all four regions in Sweden will then compete at the National Final to becoming Startup of the Year.

What do you need to compete?

All you need to compete is a business idea. Most likely you also have some form of business plan which you can use to create a pitch deck. You will need to present your startup by submitting a pitch deck consisting of maximal 20 slides, and if you have the information required to tell your story, it should not take more than a couple of hours. You may also supplement your pitch deck by submitting a video pitch or written text. It is only your ambition and level of creativity that sets the limit!

How do you submit?

To submit your pitch deck you go to the digital platform and register a user, either by using Facebook or your email. You will then be able to register a pitch deck in just a few simple steps.

How to handle sensitive information

We have been supporters of entrepreneurs for over to decades and we are aware of that a lot of business ideas contain sensitive or confidential information. Therefore, we have created "Hidden section"s in the application form where you can upload information you don't want "just anyone" to be able to read. The information in these sections is visible only to the network, the judges and the Venture Cup team. Everyone who has access to reading these sections have signed confidentiality agreements, so you can feel certain that your secret will be safe with us!

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